Israel & Palestine, Denver, Kilimanjaro, Rwanda & Uganda

This route has been traveled by the most KIVU Alumni since 2010.  It combines domestic and international internships with an emphasis in African countries as well as the Middle East.

Start:  August 15, 2018   

End: April 30, 2019

Land Cost:  $34,000 (flights not included)

Not included in overall cost:  Domestic travel to and from your home.  Passport application or renewal if not updated.  Recommendations for vaccinations.  Personal budget for own entertainment, snacks, shopping.

Program Descriptions


Israel & palestine:  geo-political tours and                                                             holy land sites

Students walk in the land where Jesus walked, visiting holy sites, and meeting with local people across the region to foster empathy and understanding toward the Israel-Palestine conflict.  This program builds understanding, healing, transformation, and empowerment to individuals and communities, locally and globally.  From a shared guesthouse in Bethlehem, students have a full itinerary each day of visiting sites, local organizations, popular tourist attractions, and cultural exchanges.  

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Denver:  Cross-Cultural Training and Spiritual Formation in Urban America 

Students thoughtfully examine God's unique vocational direction for their lives through instructional training in spiritual formation and leadership development.  Internships are focused in areas of business, social work, education, and law.  Students live in a shared housing duplex in the heart of the city where they learn to grow, listen, learn and become reflective visionary leaders with both an eye and ear for the poor.



rwanda & uganda:  cultural immersion in east african life

Students observe the progress and challenges of a rapidly developing African nation by participating in local business and education best practices.  They live in home stays with local Rwandan families in the nation’s capital, Kigali. From there, students are equipped with on-going cultural training and assessment as they adjust to Rwandan life.  This experience includes a two-week venture into southern Uganda where students interact with Congolese refugees.

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kilimanjaro:  trek to the rooftop of africa, 19,341 feet 

Mount Kilimanjaro is a perfectly shaped volcano. At 5895m, it is the highest peak in all of Africa.  The Machame Route is one of the best and most affordable climbing routes on the mountain and is a popular route for trekkers who want to take their time and enjoy sleeping outdoors and watching the sunrise and set over the Great Rift Valley.  With a strong support system of guides, porters, and chefs, this trek offers you the highest probability of making it to the top of one of the Seven Summits.