Our flagship Global Gap Year includes:  28 total weeks of global adventures, up to 900 hours of volunteer internship experience, professionally guided outdoor adventure hike, alongside training, mentoring, and guidance at each destination.

PROGRAM COST for 2017-2018. The cost breakdown is as follows:

$28,500 All accommodations, local transportation, meals, mentorship, cultural activities, weekend trips, a fall retreat, and oversight at all destinations.

$3,000  All international airfare including domestic travel from Orientation Training to your first destination.

$2,500  2 full weeks of Orientation Pre-departure Training and Re-Entry Debriefing in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA (including a Continuation Ceremony at the end of the program.)

$2,500  Professionally Guided Mountaintop Adventure hikes to Patagonia or Kilimanjaro!

$36,500 TOTAL program fees for 2017-2018.

*As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are provided with tax receipts.  Therefore, students are welcomed and highly encouraged to raise a particular portion of their costs.  All program fees and donations are tax deductible.

*Scholarships available are needs-based.  Please inquire with jamiejo@kivugapyear.com for more information.  

COSTS NOT INCLUDED: Individual travel to Denver for Orientation Week in August.  Individual travel home for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years holidays.  Individual travel to domestic airport for spring semester departure (first week of January).  Individual travel home after graduation ceremony in Denver, Colorado.  Most students also prefer to carry extra spending cash along the way for snacks and souvenirs (average student spending varies from $400-$900 over the course of the year).  Depending on the student, there may also be expenses for recommended vaccinations and an updated passport.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Program fees are paid in monthly installments from May to October.  There is a 3% discount available for those who choose to pay the amount in full up front.  Please contact us directly for other payment options that work for your particular circumstances.  Please email Jamie Jo, jamiejo@kivugapyear.com, for more details.

RAISING SUPPORT:  Download our 6 STEPS TO CREATING AN EFFECTIVE FUNDRAISING PLAN.  Over 50% of our students raise funds in order to participate in this program.  There are a variety of ways students can work to make this program affordable.  As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are able to equip our students with helpful tools for their fundraising campaigns at a personal and corporate level of sponsorship.  Please speak with us directly to discuss options.  CLICK HERE to see a helpful example of a support letter.  Or check out this helpful video below made by one of our alumni, Annie, who raised a majority of her funds to participate!