GLOBAL GAP YEAR, 2017-2018

Our signature flagship program includes both domestic and international travel, internship, and home stay.  This program offers extensive travel,  up to 900 volunteer internship hours, a n outdoor adventure hike, and an exhaustive approach to personal growth.  

15 Weeks

denver, colorado,

Philadelphia, pennsylvania,


washington, d.c.

  • Up to 500 hours of volunteer internship
  • 150+ hours of spiritual formation and leadership training
  • Spiritual Autobiography retreat weekend
  • 1 v 1 Mentoring
  • Parents weekend
  • College Credit option available

4 Weeks

israel, palestine, & jordan


 peru, bolivia, & chile

  • Middle East Holy Land Tour
    • 25+ hours of Relational Needs Training in Amman, Jordan
    • Visit Wadi Rum Desert and Petra
    • Personalized tour of Holy Sites in the Holy Land
    • Visit and serve local organizations working on peace in the region
    • Geo-political workshops examining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • South America Tour
    • 25+ hours of Personal Identity and Story-mapping.
    • Visit Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains
    • Spanish Immersion
    • Visit and serve rural indigenous communities
    • Cultural workshops examining the history of Latin American beauty and struggle.

12 Weeks

rwanda & Kilimanjaro


chile & patagonia

  • East Africa Immersion (Rwanda/Kili)
    • Up to 400 hours of volunteer internship
    • Home Stay Families
    • 1 v 1 Mentoring
    • Weekend Sponsored Trips to beautiful lakes and jungles!
    • 2 week trip to Uganda
    • 8 day professional guided trip to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • Chile Immersion (Chile/Patagonia)
    • Up to 400 hours of internship
    • Home Stay Families
    • Spanish Classes
    • 1 v 1 Mentoring
    • Weekend Sponsored Trips to the mountains and beaches!
    • 8 day professionally guided trip to hike through the Patagonia


Departure Dates:  August 19, 2017, Student Orientation, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

End Dates:  May 5, 2018, Student Graduation Ceremony, Denver, Colorado, USA


Global Gap Year students can expect departures as early as August 15, 2018. 

Please stay tuned as the Global Gap Year program is being slightly re-structured

to allow for students to further customize their unique gap experience!

Our flagship Global Gap Year includes:  28 total weeks of global adventures, up to 900 hours of volunteer internship experience, professionally guided outdoor adventure hike, alongside training, mentoring, and guidance at each destination.

PROGRAM COST for 2017-2018. The cost breakdown is as follows:

$28,500 All accommodations, local transportation, meals, mentorship, cultural activities, weekend trips, a fall retreat, and oversight at all destinations.

$3,000  All international airfare including domestic travel from Orientation Training to your first destination.

$2,500  2 full weeks of Orientation Pre-departure Training and Re-Entry Debriefing in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA (including a Continuation Ceremony at the end of the program.)

$2,500  Professionally Guided Mountaintop Adventure hikes to Patagonia or Kilimanjaro!

$36,500 TOTAL program fees for 2017-2018.

*As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are provided with tax receipts.  Therefore, students are welcomed and highly encouraged to raise a particular portion of their costs.  All program fees and donations are tax deductible.

*Scholarships available are needs-based.  Please inquire with for more information.  

COSTS NOT INCLUDED: Individual travel to Denver for Orientation Week in August.  Individual travel home for Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years holidays.  Individual travel to domestic airport for spring semester departure (first week of January).  Individual travel home after graduation ceremony in Denver, Colorado.  Most students also prefer to carry extra spending cash along the way for snacks and souvenirs (average student spending varies from $400-$900 over the course of the year).  Depending on the student, there may also be expenses for recommended vaccinations and an updated passport.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Program fees are paid in monthly installments from May to October.  There is a 3% discount available for those who choose to pay the amount in full up front.  Please contact us directly for other payment options that work for your particular circumstances.  Please email Jamie Jo,, for more details.

RAISING SUPPORT:  Download our 6 STEPS TO CREATING AN EFFECTIVE FUNDRAISING PLAN.  Over 50% of our students raise funds in order to participate in this program.  There are a variety of ways students can work to make this program affordable.  As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are able to equip our students with helpful tools for their fundraising campaigns at a personal and corporate level of sponsorship.  Please speak with us directly to discuss options.  CLICK HERE to see a helpful example of a support letter.  Or check out this helpful video below made by one of our alumni, Annie, who raised a majority of her funds to participate!

Log up to 900 Hours of Volunteer Internship Experience! 



Students are asked to fill out an Internship Request Form in efforts to make for the best placement for all parties involved.  Specific examples of internships vary from location to location.  Denver offers a unique immersion in fields of social work, education, law, and children/youth.  In contrast, Philadelphia emphasizes fields related to education, childhood development, advocacy, community organizing, and family/social services.  The program in Washington DC affords more opportunity to offer hospitality to overseas visitors and diplomats while working with those who host the annual National Prayer Breakfast.

Internships abroad are typically catered to student specific interest.  Although we have a large catalogue of options, our staff are dedicated to opening up new placements for you if none appear to suit you well.  

We highly recommend that students choose to work in environments in which they are both challenged and stretched.  Students should expect to diversify their work experiences as they travel throughout the program.  We believe that growth and discovery can be achieved by choosing to do internships that genuinely interest you, but that also reach outside of what is comfortable or familiar.  Please be conscious of these values as you make your decisions.  We work with each student individually to place them in the most fitting internship at each destination.

For examples of internships, please view the following:  Internships with Kivu Gap Year



Our partnership with Mile High Ministries gives students an opportunity to receive academic credit for their coursework.  The courses are accredited through Northwestern College and include the following classes:

Cross-Cultural Urban Integration (3 credits)

Urban Leadership (3 credits)

Internship (3 credits)

Social Enterprise (3 credits)   ONLINE course

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Initiation (3 credits)

Students should bring these courses to the attention of their selected university in order to see how they would be received by the institution as each school has different parameters.

Students may acquire the college credit at $425 per credit hour and may not take more than 9 credit hours.  Students are not required to purchase any college credit while in the KIVU Gap Year program.  This opportunity is simply made available for those who desire to include college accreditation in their gap year experience.

Kivu Gap Year is dedicated to providing students proper care and support in both a professional and confidential manner if necessary during their time in the program.  While our program has mentors and leadership in place to facilitate the overall experience, we also understand there may be times when a student’s challenges exceed those of our staff and, thus, necessitate the enlisting of professional care.  

Students may meet unexpected challenges while in the program.  Those challenges may become self-evident to the student while participating on the program; however, students can also signal to those around them (without one’s own awareness) the need for care and support if there are patterns of destructive behavior or if there are contractual violations occurring.  Any of these situations may signal the need for a student to seek out professional care and support.

Therefore, Kivu Gap Year has established a partnership with Global Counseling Network (GCN) in order to provide students a confidential, third-party platform to assist students at any time while in the program and from any location worldwide.  Through this online counseling service, students can take their own initiative through a simple in-take process with a trusted source in order to gain the support needed while traveling.

The partnership between Kivu and GCN provides students with the following services:

Counseling Services for Entry, Re-Entry, Emergency Response, Trauma Healing, Addictions, Body Image disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Addiction Healing, Conflict Resolution.

Kivu and GCN are in agreement that having a safe space is paramount for both students and staff.  GCN holds in confidence all interactions with the students.  Only in cases involving self-harm or harm to others is GCN legally required to break confidence and contact the appropriate authorities.