East Africa Experience (Kigali, Rwanda)

Purpose: Students observe the progress and challenges of a developing African nation by participating in local business and education best practices.

Students live in homestays with local Rwandan families.  From there, they learn how Rwanda has grown into a nation of hope and progress after recovering from a devastating war and genocide in 1994.  They are exposed to Rwanda’s rapidly developing economy by working in business and education internships in the capital of Kigali.  Other exciting trips within the East Africa experience include hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.


Middle East Experience (Jordan, Israel, Palestine)

Purpose: Students build friendships and breakdown stereotypes between Arabs and Americans while taking courses in the importance of basic relational needs.

Partnerships:  East West InitiativesIthraa CenterHoly Land Trust

Students live in home stays with families, many of whom have sent their teenagers to Camp Kivu, our former summer camp in Durango, Colorado. This exchange is a partnership with wonderful Middle Eastern friends who are dedicated to working with us so that younger generations of Arabs and Americans know more about each other's lives.  Students spend a portion of their term at the Ithraa Center, which teaches them about their own relational needs in both group and one on one coaching sessions.  This experience also includes a tour of the Holy Land facilitated by Kivu President Andy Braner.  



 South America Experience (chile, Peru, Bolivia)

Purpose:   Students are exposed to the region’s profound history and sociology and are invited into a journey towards understanding the depths of their own humanity as well as the humanity of those they are surrounded by. 

Students embark on a experience that helps them develop a heart for justice as they engage with a breadth of different culture, internships, and home stays. They are afforded the opportunity to also develop their proficiency in Spanish as a required component of their immersion experience. 

Our Latin American Director has his headquarters is Santiago, Chile, yet has a variety of partnerships all over the region. Although students will mainly spend the bulk of their time in Santiago, they will also have opportunities to go immerse themselves as interns in other Latin American contexts such as Peru and Bolivia.

Partnerships:  Students are placed at local internships based on a network of relationships in the community.  Most common areas of interest include but are not limited to entrepreneurship, legal work, education, and human rights advocacy.