Domestic Immersion

Choose a 15 week program filled with

Self-Exploration, Spiritual Formation, Leadership Training, & Social Engagement

I left gap year with more of a sense of confidence in myself, my gifts, and my passions.
— Nicole, Class of 2013

Philadelphia, PA

Partnerships:  Taproot Limited

This program explores story, embracing empathy, and examining complex systems of our world, and how to respond to these challenges.  Instructional time is dialogue-based with interactive group discussion.  Internships are cross-cultural in areas of immigrant services and education.  Students live in local home stays in a south Philadelphia neighborhood.  Feel free to travel the east coast on the weekends as New York, Baltimore, and DC are just a bus ride away!

Denver, CO

Partnerships:  Mile High Ministries

This program challenges students to thoughtfully examine God's unique vocational direction for their lives.   Instructional training in spiritual formation and leadership development.  Internships are focused in areas of business, social work, education, and law.  Students live in a shared housing duplex in the heart of the city.

Washington, D.C.

Partnerships:    Fellowship Foundation

This program challenges students to practice the teachings of Jesus in a political environment.  Instructional time is discussion-based with an emphasis on revisiting stories of Jesus found in the gospels.  Internships are in government, STEM, and non-profit services.





These 15 weeks lay the foundation for a year of growth in faith ownership, emotional intelligence, and cultural competence.


Students live in downtown Denver/DC/Philadelphia together as they discover the challenges in these localized communities.  Through a healthy balance of classroom instruction (Monday and Friday) and internship experience (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), students see the margins of society at eye level while gaining up to 9 college credits through spiritual formation and leadership development class work.  This experience is foundational and preparatory for the rest of the program that moves towards an international focus.