Kilimanjaro:  trek to the rooftop of africa, 19,341 feet

Mount Kilimanjaro is a perfectly shaped volcano. At 5895m it is the highest in Africa and can be climbed anytime of the year. At the lower levels, you will pass through cultivated farmlands rising through tropical rain forest onto alpine meadows and finally the barren landscape to the snow and ice capped summit.

We’ve designed our mountain trek to give you the best chance of reaching the summit, maximum appreciation of the spectacular scenery and wildlife, and an insight into the natural history and cultures of the environments and peoples we meet. Moreover our travel arrangements are based on fair-traded principles to ensure that significant benefits from our visits remain with local people.

The Machame Route is one of the best and most affordable climbing routes on Mount Kilimanjaro and is a popular route for trekkers who want to take their time and enjoy sleeping outdoors and watching the sunrise and set over the Great Rift Valley. It’s less crowded, an easier climb, much more scenic and you have a better than 95% chance of making the summit.  This is a fully outfitted and professionally guided experience.  Students are solely responsible for proper attire and a suggested backpack for the trek.  All camping equipment and meals are included in the experience.  KIVU supplies students with a recommended pack list.  

In Partnership with Maasai Wanderings


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