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This new program is only available to a few select participants.  It is an independent placement with higher profile internship experiences.  Students must be personally interviewed in order to qualify for these placements.  This program emphasizes independence and internships a minimum of 5 days/week.  



Additional expenses:  Domestic travel to and from your home.  Passport application or renewal if not updated.  Recommendations for vaccinations.  Personal budget for own entertainment/snacks/shopping.

If you are choosing the Global Gap Year, this program is available in the Resume Builder Route.


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24 Week Independent Internship Program

*This two part program (domestic and international) is a uniquely designed independent placement.  Separate interviews are required for participation.  The first 12 weeks are located in Washington DC and the next 12 weeks are at an international location working with the same organization.

August 29-Nov 20 in Washington DC

February 6-April 30 at international assignment

STEM: Intern with the Department of Energy (Washington DC and TBA)

Ambassador:  Intern with the Egyptian Government (Washington DC and Egypt)

World Food Organization:  Intern with the WFO (Washington DC and Italy or TBA)

*For more information on these independent placements, please contact Jamie Jo, jamiejo@kivugapyear.com