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Our 2-week programs are heavily focused on adventure and culture!   Are one of these experiences on your bucket list?  You'll be guaranteed an action packed itinerary that pushes you outside of your comfort zone!

If you are choosing our Global Gap Year program, 2 of these 2-week experiences are included in your gap year itinerary! 


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*Programs are listed in chronological order.                                                                                                                             

2 Week Programs

August 15-28

Israel & Palestine:  Geo-Political Tours and Holy Land Sites      $5,250* 

August 15-28  

Backpacking Europe:  Europe's Best Destinations from a New Perspective    $5,250*                         

November 21-December

Kilimanjaro:  Trek to the Rooftop of Africa, 19,341 feet     $5,750*                                                                                                    

January 23-February 5

Kilimanjaro:  Trek to the Rooftop of Africa, 19,341 feet       $5,750*                                                                                                    

May 1-May 14

Israel & Palestine:  Geo-Political Tours and Holy Land Sites  $5,250*                                                             

May 1-May 14

Backpacking Europe:  Europe's Best Destinations from a New Perspective     $5,250*                                           

*Prices are land cost.  They do not include airfare.

Additional expenses:  Domestic travel to and from your home.  Passport application or renewal if not updated.  Recommendations for vaccinations.  Personal budget for own entertainment/snacks/shopping.

Program Descriptions


Israel & palestine:  geo-political tours and holy land sites

Students walk in the land where Jesus walked, visiting holy sites, and meeting with local people across the region to foster empathy and understanding toward the Israel-Palestine conflict.  This program builds understanding, healing, transformation, and empowerment to individuals and communities, locally and globally.  From a shared guesthouse in Bethlehem, students have a full itinerary each day of visiting sites, local organizations, popular tourist attractions, and cultural exchanges.  


Backpacking europe:  Europe's best destinations from a new perspective          

Students adventure across Europe to experience new cultures, languages, methods of transportation and much more.  See sights you have always wanted to see and explore places you never knew existed!  In a scavenger hunt type of set up, you will travel by train and foot across Europe seeing, experiencing, adventuring, and learning.  This program is two weeks of bucket list exploring.  No itinerary is the exact same as students have the opportunity to speak into the preferred locations before setting out on their journey!

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kilimanjaro:  trek to the rooftop of africa, 19,341 feet 

Mount Kilimanjaro is a perfectly shaped volcano. At 5895m, it is the highest peak in all of Africa.  The Machame Route is one of the best and most affordable climbing routes on the mountain and is a popular route for trekkers who want to take their time and enjoy sleeping outdoors and watching the sunrise and set over the Great Rift Valley.  With a strong support system of guides, porters, and chefs, this trek offers you the highest probability of making it to the top of one of the Seven Summits.