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Our 12 week programs are focused on internships, home stays, cultural events, and weekly discussion groups.  They are excellent programs for students looking for ways to meet internship and/or study abroad requirements in college.  They are also effective for students needing a break from their studies or those who want a semester gap experience before college.  If you don't have time to do the signature Global Gap Year, these programs make the most of your gap experience!

 With local staff support, you will learn to grow in emotional intelligence and cultural competence as you live, work, and play in these beautiful locations!

If you are choosing the Global Gap Year program, 2 of these 12-Week programs are included in your itinerary!


program calendar

*Programs are listed in chronological order.                                                                                                                                                    

12 Week Programs

August 29-November 30

Rwanda & Uganda:  Cultural Immersion in East African Life       

August 29-November 30

Denver:  Cross-Cultural Training and Spiritual Formation         

February 6-April 30   

Rwanda & Uganda:  Cultural Immersion in East African Life                                                                                


Additional expenses:  Domestic travel to and from your home.  Passport application or renewal if not updated.  Recommendations for vaccinations.  Personal budget for own entertainment/snacks/shopping.

Program Descriptions

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rwanda & uganda:  cultural immersion in east african life

Students observe the progress and challenges of a rapidly developing African nation by participating in local business and education best practices.  They live in home stays with local Rwandan families in the nation’s capital, Kigali. From there, students are equipped with on-going cultural training and assessment as they adjust to Rwandan life.  This experience includes a two-week venture into southern Uganda where students interact with Congolese refugees.


Denver:  Cross-Cultural Training and Spiritual Formation in Urban America 

Students thoughtfully examine God's unique vocational direction for their lives through instructional training in spiritual formation and leadership development.  Internships are focused in areas of business, social work, education, and law.  Students live in a shared housing duplex in the heart of the city where they learn to grow, listen, learn and become reflective visionary leaders with both an eye and ear for the poor.