I left gap year with more confidence in myself, my gifts, and my passions.
— Kristen, Class of 2013
An investment that will last a lifetime in reward.
— Parent of Gap Year alumni

Since 2001, we've worked with 20,000 teenagers and young adults through summer camping, international trips, and gap year programs.

We are an accredited member of the gap year association with a proven commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity.

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You can Go to College with Direction & purpose!

A gap year could save you time and money in college and offer the direction you are seeking!  Heading to college without knowing what you want to study or who you really are can be a very scary experience.  Even as the excitement of college begins to unfold, you can find yourself nervous and uncomfortable about the entire process. 

Your parents might have different ideas about where you should go or what you should study.  There is tension inside of you as well as with your parents as you both attempt to navigate these big decisions.  

If you keep heading down this path, you could carry all this anxiety and the lingering questions with you right into college.  In fact, you might even spend your years at school changing your major and your mind multiple times in effort to figure out what it is you are passionate about.  And you could still complete a degree and leave college not knowing who you are or what you want to do.

We know that is a scary and confusing place to be.  For this reason, the KIVU Gap Year is designed to guide you into a year of travel, internship, and home stay experiences around the world.  A purposeful program designed to guide you on the journey into young adulthood.

Imagine returning to college with confidence in who you are, direction for your educational goals, and a renewed purpose for all the challenges ahead of you!  

Your transition to college does not have to be one of fear and confusion!  Start your application today and begin a simple 3 step process of Applying, Preparing, & Departing for your KIVU Gap Year!

Apply now and you will be on your way to gaining the confidence and direction you've been searching for!

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Meet our team, learn about our program, and discover how we challenge young adults to grow.

Confidence, Direction, and Purpose you've been looking for